Naivy Perez

Cuba, 1986

Naivy Perez

Naivy Pérez (1986, Cuba) is a visual artist who currently resides and works in New York. Her work is the result of shared experiences, through artistic and experiential processes, challenging the constraints of control structures that have shaped individual consciousness for centuries.

Each moment becomes an exploration of the threshold between the know and the unknown.

Pérez’s artistic vision encompasses diverse realms, including time, social discourse, gender discourse, religion, politics, and economics, which shesymbolically redefines through various mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, object art, photography, installation, performance, intervention, environment, and video art.

Today, her artistic production has evolved with the incorporation of technological devices and mechanisms that support her artistic statements. From this new platform, she engages in dialogues with interactivity, utilizing lighting, sound, videographic imagery, and virtual space as extensions of reality and self-expression. Through simultaneous exploration of virtuality, dematerialization, and recontextualization, Pérez questions universal concepts such as life, death, power, art, and even the notion of God.