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In Memory of: José Rolando Rivero (1957 – 2022) /  La Leyenda Urbana 
Organized by: PTM Contemporary & NYLAAT


Application Fee: $0


Artists who participated in the 2023 edition will not be eligible for 2024.


Open Call: November 1st, 2023

Deadline: February 1st, 2024

Results Announced: March 1st, 2024

Show/Screenings: August 3rd, 2024 to August 25th, 2024

Experimental Loop invites creators from around the world to participate in the second edition of the International Video Art Festival to be held in New York City at Governors Island in the summer of 2024, organized by PTM Contemporary and the New York Latin American Art Triennial (NYLAAT).


  • Drive and foster artistic production centered on video art, recognizing its inherent value and transformative capability within contemporary artistic discourse.
  • Systematically catalog one of the less valued genres of visual arts by the art market.
  • Foster an environment of exchange and reflection between artists and theorists on the latest technical and aesthetic trends in international video art.


In the contemporary era, characterized by immediacy and an insatiable quest for instant gratification, video emerges not merely as a straightforward medium but as a profound manifestation of the human zeitgeist. Against this backdrop, video stands as a potent and direct weapon, capable of seizing its viewer’s attention and transporting them to parallel universes of emotion and contemplation.

Hyperconnectivity and multichanneling, undeniable legacies of rapid technological progress, have not only reshaped how we interact with the world and each other but have also redefined fundamental notions of space, time, and reality. This digital revolution has shattered traditional boundaries, both geographical and conceptual, broadening and elevating the horizons of art.

In this setting, video art becomes a kind of philosophical mirror, reflecting tensions and convergences between the ephemeral and the eternal, the tangible and the intangible. It beckons us to reevaluate our understanding of reality, to challenge our paradigms, and ultimately, to reconnect with the mutable and evolving essence of humanity in the digital age. The significance of video today is not merely a matter of form or technique, but a profound exploration of the human condition in a world of perpetual change and reinvention.


  • Open only to individuals 18 years and older (We abide by the laws of the state of New York).
  • Artists of any nationality, self-taught, students, recent graduates, or professionals are welcome. However, it is crucial they have a trajectory in the arts.
  • Collective artist applications will not be considered for individual proposals.
  • Only one video per application will be accepted. Artists applying with more than one work should note that only the first one will be considered; subsequent entries will be dismissed.
  • Videos exceeding 5 minutes in duration will not be accepted. Entries exceeding this limit will be instantly rejected.
  • This is not a contest for music videos or trailers for future videographic projects.
  • If your discourse revolves around sexuality, eroticism, or any explicit sexual language, this isn’t the right platform for your artistic proposal.


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Experimental Loop, PTM contemporary, and NYLAAT commit to notifying you whenever your work is showcased in another venue or event. This ensures you can add this information to your curriculum vitae.