PTM Contemporary’s Performance Series


PTM Contemporary’s Performance Series

The PTM Contemporary’s commitment to be recognized as a step stone for contemporary artists working in a range of artistic disciplines, FUSION selects, fosters, and presents new work. The Performance series  program showcases a wide range of voices, lived experiences, and perspectives, demonstrating the multitude of ways in which artists are working today. It embraces proposals for new works in disciplines including the performance, spoken word, literary arts with the purpose of being presented in front of the audience.

The selected projects will be presented during the 2023 summer months in various spaces at Governors Island, including our outdoor space in front of 405-B at Colonels Row and indoor in one of our exhibition spaces. All performances in FUSION will be offered to the public for free. Along with the points of access created for each piece, these free presentations make the program accessible, welcoming, and inviting for all New Yorkers.



FUSION will accept applications via  application between Wednesday, March 1, and Friday, May 5, 2023. 

  • Artist’s CV or Updated Biography 
  • Artist Statement
  • A 3 minutes video of Recent Works
  • There is an application fee for $25. Artists or collectives whose projects have been selected will be notified and publicly announced by mid May 2023 

Who can apply?

FUSION accepts applications from artists who are:

  • Individual performing artists and art collectives
  • 18+ years old
  • Currently living or working in New York City
  • With or without a traditional arts degree and/or training
  • Working in a wide range of artistic disciplines, including theater, dance,    music, performance, spoken word, and literary arts,



We use five criteria to select the projects:


1) Bold and inventive

  • The work is original and presents a unique vision or perspective.
  • It is innovative, idea driven, and thought-provoking.
  • It embraces risk-taking and experimentation.

2) Artistically rigorous

  • The proposal is coherent, thoughtful, and reflects a deep sense of inquiry.
  • It demonstrates a professional approach to process and presentation.
  • The work samples demonstrate artistic excellence, mastery of skills and techniques.

3) Relevant and resonant

  • The proposal is timely, interesting, and thrilling.
  • It provides multiple entry points and strives for openness, avoiding a narrow and jargony approach.
  • The work is able to hold sustained impact and value for diverse audiences and viewers.

4) Feasible

  • The work demonstrates a scope and scale likely to be executed as proposed with the allocated resources.

5) Demonstrates integrity

  • The work and artists seem responsible with ideas, concepts, and references, and avoid appropriation.
  • Artists demonstrate a just point of view, and a strong ethical approach to their work.



The historic houses were built in the late 1900 to house military officers and their families during the Island’s history as a base for the U.S. Army and, later, the Coast Guard. Given their delicate nature, the spaces are best suited to creative practices that do not involve heavy production or large equipment. Spaces are delivered to selected organizations as-is and have working but limited electricity. Spaces currently have no access to running water, working restrooms or heating and cooling systems. Restroom facilities and drinking fountains are located within a five-minute walk from the houses.


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2023 Performances Calendar:

June  24th

July 22th

August 19th