Rolando Vazquez HernandezHernandez

Cuba, 1969

Rolando Vazquez HernandezHernandez

Dirty words

“What do you care if I love you, if you don’t love me anymore…”


I was born in El Cerro with the house on the top of my head.

Since I can remember I have believed in art and spirits. I would have liked to be a musician but my mother, in addition to giving me life, she had the intuition that I would be an Artist and by force she introduced me to these vicissitudes of Art.

My work moves through different conceptual and formal paths. I use the respect and love for my land to address issues such as life, religion, politics, the spirituality of Cubans, the human miseries that surround us and make us different in this great Universe. I take advantage of all the situations and materials that life offers me as motivation to create with the greatest seriousness and commitment a work, a son, a moan, an orgasm, a fart, a death…