Relations in Tension (Menhir Fight), 2021, 00:02:37, HD, 16:9, MOV, Color, Stereo

Video-performance: Courtesy Camille de Bayser

Camera: Adrian Owen

Sound composition: Ben Seretan


About the Work:

«In her double-loop video, Christine Laquet intrigues as a Sisyphean performer, a strap of long elastic sleeve girdling her to a monumental rock of the Carnac Alignments, to move it. Blatant disproportion: she is not big enough; we see her stubbornly twisting and breaking in front of the irremovable; before the sleeve, just as derisory, breaks in its turn (…) Vertigo of the centuries. One might as well arm oneself with a toothpick to break through the rainforest. Proportioning the effort and the tool to the undertaking, that’s the basis, isn’t it? As a result, the predictable failure of her performance also affects us, the hardened and the stubborn, who find ourselves self-contemplating in the aligned immobility of the looking Monoblock! So, we say to ourselves that perhaps the stones are also looking at us. Like two round eyes, as we used to say in French, a variant of the expression to be amazed. »

Vincent Labaume