(USA / Dominican Republic)

A quemarropa, 2019, 00:01:52, SVGA, 16:9, MP4, Color, Stereo

About the Work:

The video consists of a photograph of a forest burning to ashes. Of the current problems of humanity, the deterioration of the environment stands out. Every country in the world, on every continent, is facing increasingly extreme natural environmental catastrophes. Economic conflicts compromise the actions of our rulers. The most recent example has been the wildfire that compromised the entire Amazon. It is suspected that it was produced expressly by local ranchers to increase their livestock production, politically supported by flexible environmental ideas. The African continent also suffers wildfires out of control due to climate changes that produce intense droughts. The ecological impact of forest fires is considerable, as biodiversity is destroyed, desertification increases, water quality decreases, and the quality of the atmosphere, not to mention that recovering these areas can take decades.


The land is almost sterile, so the soil becomes more impermeable and prevents the penetration of water inside. The vegetal layer disappears, and with it, the natural barrier that retains water. In addition, a fire brings with it gases, including greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), which also end up in the atmosphere.


We also explore the disappearance of printed photography, in favor of virtual photography.