The Braided Hands, 2023, 00:04:45, HD, 16:9, MP4, B/W, Stereo

About the Work:

The symbol of the hand appears as an expression of human consciousness. Hands have the capacity to sculpt, mold, and weave the world we inhabit but also to unravel and destroy. It is the very same hand with five fingers that can set a forest on fire as the one that can mend a broken sweater. In this duality, hands can reshape and react to our surroundings. Making transforms both states of matter and the mind. It is an act of being present and active in the world. When these hands become intertwined and fused with other hands, they build a network, and from this network stems collective consciousness. The performative film represents a unique collaboration involving four contemporary dancers who had no prior acquaintance and no rehearsal together. The central element driving the interaction among the actors is the use of the glove. This glove serves as a tool to guide their movements and engagements. When their fingers become braided, it triggers a transformative shift in how the bodies interact with each other.

Credits film:

Filming and Editing: Shane Singh

Audio: Venoldo Terreus

Filming & Technical Assistance: Adison Irby

BTS & Technical Assistance: Aubrey Wipfli


Emma Andre, Lluca Huatuco, Sarah Kramer and Belu-Olisa Pierre Sarkissian

Art vision: Elisa Lutteral