(Dominican Republic / Italy)

Columbidae, 2016, 00:00:51, VGA, 16:9, MP4, Color, Stereo

About the Work:

How difficult it is to keep the peace. As fragile and ephemeral as corn among pigeons. Corn, native to America, is the traditional food of pigeons which, among other things, symbolize candor, simplicity, innocence, peace, harmony, and purity. For the Mesoamerican peoples, corn was not only the food on which their subsistence depended, but they had established such a deep link with it that they recognized their own in the life cycle of the grain.

The grains of corn form the symbol of peace, but the voracious doves devour it violently in a few moments. Violence has always existed; violence to survive, violence to control power, violence to revolt against domination, physical and mental violence. Ethologists, in their research on the innate behavior of animals, concluded that the aggressive instinct has a survival character. Therefore, the existing aggression between animals is not negative for the species, but a necessary instinct for its existence.

Does man also act out of survival instinct? Has the history of humanity been directed by Peace or by violence?